Manifesto Z01

Artificial intelligence is one of the most powerful tools invented by humanity. If used correctly, it can unleash its tremendous potential to improve people’s lives in many respects. AI can accelerate human progress by orders of magnitude, with faster diagnoses of illnesses to smarter homes, increase safety and relieve people from the burden of repetitive tasks. AI embodies our deepest hopes for human dignity, freedom and equality, pushing the human condition towards broader horizons.

Over the last decade AI has started to show its potential and is now having an increasing and tangible impact in our lives. We have also seen its power used for darker purposes that conflict with th idea of progress and freedom. When the AI technology falls in the wrong hands it can be used to manipulate reality and accelerate the spread of misinformation, create malicious synthetic media (deepfakes) and generate more efficient cyber-attacks.

Here we set out our ambitions as a startup entering in the world of AI.

We are committed to fight the misuse of AI technology with countermeasures that reach the root of the problem.

We are committed to invest our time in finding AI solutions that better society.

We are committed to improve the existing technologies by exploring new tools together with diverse research communities.

We are committed to an ethical AI that improves the quality of life, respects the privacy and promotes knowledge.