Artificial Intelligence Track

Learn the secrets of artificial intelligence, from the basics to state-of-the-art models and innovative neural network architectures.

Introduction to Machine Learning

Learn how a machine learning algorithm works, the essential building blocks and how/when to implement a machine learning solution.

Advanced Machine Learning

Tips and tricks to bring your skills to the next level with gradient boosting methods up to graph neural networks.

Deep Learning

The secrets of deep learning unfolded for you: convolutional neural networks, graph neural networks, generative adversarial networks and much more.

Natural Language Processing

Learn to perform information retrieval, text classification and sentiment analysis with the latest artificial neural network technologies.

Computer Vision

Automatize image classification, learn how to perform semantic segmentation and create surprisingly effective solutions with simple equipment.

Anomaly Detection & Security

Understand how to spot anomalies in images, internet traffic and any abnormal deviations in everyday activity by using the power of machine learning.

Predictive Analytics and Forecasting

Master advanced analytics and use it to forecast unknown future events. From sales forecasting to predictive maintenance.